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  • Quit Smoking

    Becoming a Non-Smoker will Provide you with a Number of Rewards in Addition to Saving your Life.

Are you addicted to Smoking/Nicotine/Drugs or have you tried quitting before, but have had negative results. Here at Quit4 we are focused to help people, providing as many resources as we can to prevent the ill effects of smoking/Nicotine/Drugs. It destroys, be it your health, your lifestyle, perhaps your addiction may even impact your relations. So take the pledge and start the quitting process today.

Quit4 Immediate Rewards

Smoking is a large expense. For an average $10 pack of cigarette per day, you are spending money on an addiction that is capable of making you very sick. Quitting smoking not only saves your life but also cuts down on expenses, allowing you to save money for the purchase of other things that are useful to either you or your family.

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Quit4 Your Lungs

One of the parts of our body that serves an important purpose is our lungs. The lungs are a pair of organs situated in the chest cavity inside the rib cage. This organ is essential for respiration because it is responsible for the exchange of oxygen which is necessary for all cellular processes.

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The Cost of Healthcare

There are various costs related with tobacco use such as personal health care, possible fire damage, and reduced employee productivity etc. Among them health care cost is the most significant in measuring the cost of smoking. In Canada, yearly smoking related illness cost is about $4.4 billion.

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